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Discussion in 'Kyle Canyon / Centennial Hills' started by gs9515, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. gs9515

    gs9515 New Member

    :eek: what is being built across the way? Traffic is horrible at times..
  2. wg8444

    wg8444 Member

    I don't know but whatever it was they had me worried with all the blasting. I thought my water heater was about to explode till I saw the mail about construction and blasting notice.
  3. hc9462

    hc9462 New Member

    They are building Skye Canyon which is supposed to be a huge master planned community geared toward outdoor lovers. You will see that there is a sign on Horse right at the turn from Grand Canyon for a shopping center too.
  4. wg8444

    wg8444 Member

    Is that all on the west side of Grand Canyon? I've wondered what they will be putting in that patch of empty lot north of the UHaul by the Horse Overpass. A nice park would have been nice but probably no such luck. Its been empty (and peaceful) for a while now. And since the overpass was built, with bright lights under the bridge, I haven't seen or heard any coyotes lurking about. (a danger to cats and small dogs)
  5. hc9462

    hc9462 New Member

    Not sure what they plan on doing around the Uhaul area. As for Skye Canyon that will go all the way to the street that takes you to Mt. Charleston (can't remember its name) and over the freeway to around where Scherkenbach and Bilbray are located. The Skye Canyon community will have several parks, trails, etc. So at least we can look forward to that. Should also help with home prices in our area since Skye Canyon starts at the high 200's I believe. Things are finally starting to move in the Northwest which is great. The construction isn't fun to deal with, but will be worth it in the end.
  6. wg8444

    wg8444 Member

    good :) I was dreading more condo riff raff
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015

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